Why Rasanga is considering vying for MP Alego Usonga constituency.

Siaya county governor Cornell Amoth Rasanga is seemingly considering vying for Alego Usonga MP.

Rasanga whose second term tenure in office ends in 2022 is reported to have been making several meetings with constituents in an attempt to clear ground for his candidature ahead of 2022 general elections.

Earlier this year, governor Rasanga made several meetings with clans from Alego Usonga prompting exchange of words between him and Samuel Atandi, the incumbent member of parliament.

Atandi accused governor Rasanga for what he termed ‘maligning’ his leadership.

“Nowadays, the governor is busy holding clan meetings. The governor is bigger than clan meetings. Let him hold county and constituency meetings,” The lawmaker said.

Responding to Atandi, Rasanga dismissed the claims saying that as an elected leader, meeting electorates was part of his mandate.

“I’m above political adolescents like Atandi. Let him deliver and stop dragging me into his failures as an MP,” He said.

Rasanga who had earlier expressed his interest for senate position seems to have shifted his move following political realignment.

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Rasanga joins Businessman Martin Otieno Mijesh, former MP Muluan Omondi and former gubernatorial aspirant Oduol Denge in the race to challenge incumbent MP, Samuel Atandi.

Mr. Atandi however said that Rasanga stands higher chance of getting better position in the government once Raila becomes the president.

This he says will be a reward to Mr. Rasanga for being the most loyal party governor around the lake region.

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