The Race to split – up Alego Usonga sub county ahead of 2022 general elections

Siaya county is going to be one of the beneficiaries of the proposed 70 members of parliament under the constitutional amendments sponsored by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

BBI proposed a 360-member National Assembly–elected representatives of each of the 290 constituencies and the 70 MPs from populous constituencies elected through proportional representation in which voters will vote for party lists. A candidate from the party with the most votes will stand elected.

Out of the 70 extra MPs, Siaya county has been given one slot allongside Bomet, Kericho, Homa Bay, Nyamira, Kirinyaga, Laikipia, Turkana, Muranga and Makueni.

Alego Usonga sub county which is currently the largest and most populated among the six sub counties in Siaya is seemingly going to have two members of parliament should the BBI document proposals be upheld in the refurendum.

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According to Indipendent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) statistics of 2017, the constituency has a total of 103,334 voters making it not only the most populated but also the largest.

The current geographic map of Alego Usonga sub county/photo courtesy/

It’s for this reason that various leaders have called for the division of the sub county ahead of the 2022 general elections.

According to sources, the plan to divide the sub county has been reached at, and there’s likelihood of having two sub counties, should the plans in place find validation.

The two sub counties; Alego and Alego Usonga will each have three wards.

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Alego sub county according to the report will have North Alego ward, South East Alego ward and Township ward.

The report further hinted that Alego Usonga sub county will be comprised of Usonga ward,Central Alego ward and West Alego.

Even though the report of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission that identified the present 290 constituencies in 2010, noted that a constituency should have an average of 133,138, one of the task force members behind the plan argued that it’s necessary to have two sub counties in Alego Usonga adding that it’s the only way to a fair play in division of resources.

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“We can’t talk of fair distribution of resources when a sub county like Ugunja with only three wards is receiving the same allocation of NGCDF funds with Alego Usonga sub county which has twice the number of wards.” He said.

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