Nginda Ward Football Tournament Easy Draw for Supreme, 3K to seek revenge

Nginda ward preliminary football fixtures are now out, 14 teams will take part in the phase scheduled for December 19th, 20th and 27th.

After 1-1 stalemate over 3K in the last meeting, Embu supreme have been drawn against Homestars and Cobra FC on pool A, what has been termed as a ‘walkover fixture’

3K FC will join the competition on Semis to give priority to the important occasion to be graced on similar date.

In the previous tournament, 3K FC were laboured to a penalty shootout after 1-1 draw with Embu Supreme who curved out victory to be crowned champions.

In pool B Young boyz will seek to extend their good performance when they will be facing Superstrikers in the opening fixture who ousted Rangers and Mamba FC in a shocker win in 2019 on similar competition.

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At Kagumori ground, BMW will have a humble time as they host Wakali FC, a win for either team will await to play against a winner from pool D.

Mt View FC will lock horns against Karimari with their hopeful fans expecting to secure maximum points.

One team from every zone will qualify to the Semi final tie albeit, Kagumori zone 3K will await to meet the winner at the same level without participating in pools.

Players to watch

John Gitari (3K FC)

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All eyes will be on G7 the all time top scorer who bagged in 26 goals in Embu County League.

Newton Kimanthi bruce (Supreme FC)

A standout performer who netted 4 goals in the previous tournament will be depended upon to lead his teammates on attacks.

Here is the full fixture:

Pool A

Saturday 19th

1. Embu Supreme vs Cobra FC
2. Homestars vs Cobra FC
3. Embu Supreme vs Homestars

Pool B

Saturday 19th

1. Superstrikers vs vs Rangers
2. Mamba vs Royal com
3. Young boys vs Superstrikers
4. Rangers vs Mamba
5. Royal com vs Young boys

Sunday 20th

1. Young boys vs Mamba
2. Royal com vs Rangers
3. Superstrikers vs Mamba
4. Rangers vs Young boys
5. Superstrikers vs Royal com

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Pool C

Saturday 19th

1. BMW vs Wakali

Pool D

1.Mt view vs Karimari
2. Small tiger vs Karimari
3. Mt view vs Small tiger


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