Dorcas Odhiambo, Over The Shade

Birds are chirping melodiously,

Dancing to their tune,

As they search for their means of survival,

Which tends to be their daily routine,

Indeed God’s work is beautifully and gloriously made,

Nature is such a tremendous physique,

Green nature is appealing to the eyes,

Trees and waterfalls greatest serenity,

As flowers blossom,there is identity,

And as it prickles, we lose our sanity,

Over the shade,we can feel our ability,

They say life is the greatest gift,

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And taking it away leads to sin,

Let’s take care of this creatures,

For they belong to the universe,

Let’s create a better home,

For over the shade is a place to be,

Dorcas Odhiambo

Dorcas Odhiambo

Dorothy is a student at Moi University.Hardworking, Resilient and passionate about writing poems based on the emerging issues, lifestyle and culture.

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