DP William Ruto beats Raila and Kibwana in the latest poll.

Deputy president William Ruto has been ranked the most popular presidential candidate. According to the latest opinion poll carried out by, Ruto was ranked top with a percentage of 66%. The Social media opinion poll that was conducted on 27th June 2020, brought together a total of  2, 154 neitizens. Coming in the second […]


Four Key Factors to Consider when Buying a Phone 

We often buy phones from stores especially in the present time when we have all sorts of mobile phones models in the market. But pause a bit and ask yourself, what actually do you consider while buying a mobile phone? Many who are not so much exposed to technology fall victims to fake or cloned […]


Why Women Should be Allowed to Breastfeed in Public Without Criticism

Nipples don’t kill. They nourish and yet women are afraid to show them, and when they do so, they face backclash. Women should breastfeed in public if the need arises. Saying we will allow mothers to only feed their innocent and helpless infants (who doesn’t care if they are in public or with their mother’s) […]


What senator Kipchumba Murkomen said after senate rulling on Waiguru’s impeachment.

Elgeyo Marakwet senator and former senate majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen has expressed his dissatisfaction with the house of senate. Taking to spearheaded by Kirinyaga MCAs.\nMurkomen said thathis Facebook pages, Murkomen said that the senate has frustrated the fight for accountability spearheaded by Kirinyaga MCAs. Murkomen said that it was clear the senate had cleared Kirinyaga […]


How powerful is information?

we are in information age.knowledge is power. In personal terms, this means that today, your knowledge must double every two to three years just for you to stay even in the current level of ability, at your current income in your field work. If your personal knowledge is not at the same speed that general […]


An insight into Kenya’s mobile lending business.

Money lending is an awesome business and worth considering.Many people are finding it difficult to start any business because of capital. For this reason, finding a lender could easen the start-up entrepreneur to realize his or her goals. Many people are finding it difficult to start any business because of capital. For this reason, finding […]


Six key factors to consider in settling for Cyber Cafe Business Today. 

A cyber café is a business that can make you large returns. This business requires great attention for it to be very productive. So long as you have what you need to start a cyber cafe, with a little more competence in technology matters, you are set to go. Many entrepreneurs venturing into this business […]



Women find it hard to understand why men love sex so much, They want to help you,they want sex. They say they love you,they want sex. You mistakenly sleep yover,they want sex. They want to borrow you money. They want sex. They want to give you a job. They want sex. They want to pass […]


Relentless netizeins now calls on Coca-Cola to sponsor the Baringo girl.

Neitizens have taken their crusade a notch higher calling on Africa’s top beverage company Coca – cola to sponsor the four year – old Baringo girl. A photo of the four – year old girl wearing a traditional ragalia while enjoying 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola soda went viral on social media with majority of neitizens […]


Brenda Holo: Down the Memory Lanes

We all love to take a walk down memory lane. Provided they are the good type of memories. Yeah! Those kind of memories you think of and just feel nostalgic how Rona has destroyed everything. Rona has taken over the world by a storm. That life that we all took for granted. Sometimes all it […]