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Four Key Factors to Consider when Buying a Phone 

We often buy phones from stores especially in the present time when we have all sorts of mobile phones models in the market. But pause a bit and ask yourself, what actually do you consider while buying a mobile phone? Many who are not so much exposed to technology fall victims to fake or cloned […]


5 business ideas students can start with a capital of Ksh. 5,000 only

May I begin by stating that as a student, you have lots of opportunities as opposed to us guys who are out of College. I insist that you have lots of opportunities because I know from experience. There are many things I am realizing that had I begun while in college, I would be far […]


6 Effective Ways to Raise Money for Your Business.

For those who have ever engaged in business you know how it’s difficult to get started. Not because there is no business idea or place to put up your business, but funds to help you get started. Most people opt for different ways to ensure that their business starts while others give up without starting. […]


An insight into Kenya’s mobile lending business.

Money lending is an awesome business and worth considering.Many people are finding it difficult to start any business because of capital. For this reason, finding a lender could easen the start-up entrepreneur to realize his or her goals. Many people are finding it difficult to start any business because of capital. For this reason, finding […]


Six key factors to consider in settling for Cyber Cafe Business Today. 

A cyber café is a business that can make you large returns. This business requires great attention for it to be very productive. So long as you have what you need to start a cyber cafe, with a little more competence in technology matters, you are set to go. Many entrepreneurs venturing into this business […]