Author and education expert Fred Kambona speaks of the odeal memories prior to his success

Fred Kambona on his graduation gown, Kampala University, Uganda |photo file|

Though born in a well off family, life took a different direction after losing his two parents. Kambona’s father worked as a senior government officer in the office of the President while his mother was a house wife despite going to the prestigious Ng’iya Girls High.

The fourth born in a family of eight; Six girls and two boys, enjoyed his childhood so much, staying with their father Amos Muganda at his places of work as he traversed the republic through transfers to various towns.

Fred says it was always a great experience seeing his dad being picked by a GK Landover every working day.

“It was always fun to see my dad being picked and dropped by a Landover every working day.” He said.

However, things took a different direction. Rain started beating them when his dad was transferred from Kisii to Kapenguria. They had to go and live at their home village in Dudi, Oyugis.

His father seldomly came home.His transfer impacted on them negatively.

They would live from foot to mouth. Going without food was the order of the day. His mother worked close to her chest to make ends meet.

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Fred did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) amidst fees challenges.

“I was always the top pupil in class 8 at Gangre primary and I was certain wiith the impressive performance I would pass and eventually join a good school.” He said in an exclusive interview with The Mt. Kenya Times newspaper.

After his sterling performance he was invited to join Agoro Sare High – a school regarded as an academic giant in the Nyanza region.

It was extreme joy to the young Kambona when his dad emerged from the blues to support him join the prestigious school.

Soon after joining form one his mother Alice fell ill. She was bedridden for a whole year and finally succumbed to Amoeba.

His dad came to lay her to rest and left for Kapenguria never to return.

Left with a thin alternative, Fred went to seek refuge from his friend as he worked on how he would trace his father.

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“I went to my friend Charles Ngete who hooked me up with his colleague Solomon Ouko the then West Pokot DC to help me look for my father.” He said.

On reaching Kapenguria he found out that his father had lost his job through retrenchment. He was now a stressed man who had dim hopes of surviving.

The once shining light of his dad had started to fizzle out as his prowess diminished.

He tried to convince him to return home. He however passed on a year later promoting Fred to drop out of school since there was nobody to pay his school fees.

“I learned through the death of my parents that life is short and simple. My education was now a Pipedream.” Fred recounts.

He opted to take the bull by its horns and approached his elder sister Millicent Ndolo to take him back to school.

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Luckily, he was admitted at Agoro Oyombe Sec School where he did his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and performed exemplary despite the challenges.

Now a trained teacher with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education, the Kampala University graduate is much more optimistic about the future of his career.

He has registered for his Master’s degree in a foreign university and subsequently written a manuscript about his life in a book entitled The Storm In My Dreams ; a book which will be published soon

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