UoN lecturer moots a journey to revive and conserve the dying Luo culture

A University of Nairobi lecturer Prof. Paul Wao Achola has initiated a journey of reviving and conserving the waning culture of the Luo community.

Wao Achola who is a professor of sociology is currently partnering with like-minded educationists from Siaya County with whom they have established an organization called Kababa cultural group.

According to him, the group aims at reviving and conserving the rich cultures of the Luo community including traditional dances and other cultural practices and even language which from his observation had started to die.

Prof. Wao Achola who is the chairman of the newly established Kababa cultural group said that they also intend to identify and document some of the forgotten Luo heroes, adding that they will also identify and nurture talents.

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The University don who spoke to the press in siaya revealed that they are seeking to conserve some of the rich history of the Luo culture through publication of poetry and story books that will be used for reference by the coming generation.

He stated that the Luo community has a rich culture that cannot just be left to die, adding that they will ensure they revive and document it through publications and drama to ensure it is properly kept.

The group Secretary Mr. Vitalis Oluoko Waringa who reiterated that they will focus on all aspects of the Luo culture including the matrimonial, leadership, social and economic practices which were done during the olden days.

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They were flanked by the group Treasurer Judith Odhiambo who encouraged the Luo community to look back and find a way of protecting their rich culture just as witnessed in other Kenyan communities.

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