UNMASKED: How senior politicians from Rarieda Constituency plotted to assassinate Wakili Isaiah Munje.

Political assassinations have been widely used against popular class of politicians in abid to soften the race.

Right from the first matyr case in Kenya when a journalist – cum – politician, Pio Gama Pinto was assisinated on 25 February 1965.

The cycle has since then claimed a number of potential politicians just to mention but a few; Bildad Kaggia, Thomas Tom Mboya, Josiah Mwangi, Robert Ouko Seda among others.

As 2022 general elections looms every politician is running for numbers to emerge the winner with incumbents being the most worried lot.

In Rarieda Constituency, Wakili Isaiah Munje is becoming a threat to the veterans and political class in the area since the first time he declared his interest for the position of area MP in the coming general elections.

His key opponents have been trying every means to depolarize him but their trials seems to bear no fruit.

It is for this reason that a section of leaders from the area plotted to assassinate him.

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After an intensive undercover by our team, it was confirmed from the findings that a meeting was held in Rarieda Constituency, West Uyoma ward at a home of veteran politician who is a former councillor from the constituency.

The meeting had five attendees; A senior lawyer – cum – MP from Nyanza, a veteran politician who is also a former councillor, A beach leader from West Uyoma and two Rarieda National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) committee members.

After a boardroom meeting that took close to five hours, the attendees resolved to hire assassins who were later transported to Asembo on a white car and two motorbikes.

The assassins according to a confidential report by an insider, slept in a home affiliated to one of the attendees prior to the D day.

Mr. Wakili Munje (in yellow jacket) a day after the failed assassination attempt: Photo courtesy//

The mission however failed after the information reached the targeted lawmaker prior to the plotted mission.

According to Mr. Munje, they had received the information earlier and were planning to engage with the assassins.

“Our initial plan was to engage and eliminate the assassins and the masterminds because we had prior information.” He said.

The hopeful aspirant MP for Rarieda constituency added that he decided to call off the idea since he was a responsible citizen brought up in a Christianity.

“…As a responsible leader brought up in Christianity, I decided to spare them and prevent unnecessary bloodshed as the world is battling Covid-19.” He added.

The case was reported by Mr. Munje at Asembo police post and recorded in OB book

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: A photo image of the OB number recorded on 3rd July 2020.

Mr. Munje has however sent a warning to the mischievous characters and the mastermind behind the plotted assassination.

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