Fake Lives? How Social Media is Destroying the Lives of Youths

There are currently 800 million Instagram users every month.

Like many others, I would like to end the month of June with a clearer state of mind.

Social media is destroying lives. Or perhaps that’s what the media keeps telling us.

As a teenager am perpetually surrounded by Instagram every awakening moment of my entire existence on this planet.

Everyone has it. Millennium who doesn’t have it are considered freaks, old-fashion and anomalies. Instagram is a platform for validation. It’s where we send ourselves to receive praise, likes and huge followers sparingly in return. It is a breeding ground for insecurities.

I speak for the majority of us when I say, Instagram is like an addictive drug. 2, 617, do you know what that number means? That’s the number of times a day the average person touches their phone. As they, resort to mental stimulation in the form of scrolling through their phones.

Most notably we find ourselves immersed in the world of Instagram. We rely on it to give us an insight into other people’s lives.

What are they eating, whom are they eating it with? Have they got Abs, flat tummy, e. t. c.

My fear is that we have forgotten how to be satisfied with our own life. But what is it exactly that we’re doing? We’re spying the lives of others with a gadget technology from our comfort zone. We’re silently judging, by showing our approval in the form of a ‘like’. It’s the precious gift we offer. And the syndrome is called social currency.

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We waste many hours of our day consumed in the virtual, heavily edited, and photoshoped lives of people whom God knows if will ever meet them. With lives that we glance at through a perfectly filtered Valencia, juno or lark -hued lens. And we all know how we have become gurus at filtering our lives by erasing the not-so-attractive parts and enhancing the parts we are obsessed with.

We can’t even drink a cup of tea or take a glass of water without Instagramming it onto our stories or highlights. Open your eyes! This alone has made people developed. Did someone like, “my post syndrome?”. A syndrome that it’s vaccination is yet to be known.

Instagram promotes a false reality, and too often people tend to believe what they see on there is the absolute truth. For example, a girl know in her real life, is nothing like her persona in Instagram. If you stumble across her on Instagram. You’d think she is a whole package of what it takes to be called a beauty.

Tons of friends, thousand of followers, beautiful, cool, doing all the trendy popular stuff and her feed is exclusively bikini pictures showing her uh… Puppies.

Ironically, when you meet her, it’s completely a different reality. She has half the close friends she has on the gram.

So yeah! a girl living in a world where Instagram determines the types of friends she could have and the type of person you think you are at first glance, I don’t think is a good influence.

In the days before Instagram existed, the time I had alone was spent reading a book. Currently, I have a pile of half-read books beside my bed that I attempt to pick up instead of resorting to Instagram every time I’m bored. I find that I can manage no more than a few pages before having to get a news feed fix. It worries me that it appears my brain is crumbling. I can no longer process words on a page in the same way I once did.

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Reading was one of my favourite pass times and sadly I seem to have sabotaged that simple pleasure for myself. This is not to say that social media has the same effects on all users; perhaps I am too sensitive of the negative consequences, or rather am someone who struggles to manage the balance of real, versus online life.

Have come to conclusion that I need to re-train myself to observe people in real life, rather than in pixelated format.

Why are we seeking entertainment in so many areas other than what is in front of us? The world is the stage and you are the audience.

Brenda Holo
Brenda Holo
Brenda is obsessed with giving the audience something they don't see coming

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