Kibwana hints about the personality of his preferred running mate in the race to State House.

Political temperature is gaining leverage and invariably steaming as the general elections for 2022 is approaching.

Politicians are slowly assembling their tools trying to influence the ever – ready – voter, who is always vigilant to choose their preferred candidate.

Makueni County Governor Professor Kivutha Kibwana has opened up about his bid for presidency.In an exclusive interview with The Standard Newspaper, Governor Kibwana revealed how he is going to overcome political hurdles and change Kenya into an inclusive democratic state.

The Governor is seemingly determined that he will win the elections to be the president of Kenya. He attributes this to his ability to influence his MCAs who were trying to frustrate his duties as the Governor.

Kibwana has called himself a ‘wily schemer’, an advantage that will give him the necessary skills to win the race. He boldly and determinedly revealed that the general elections to him is as easy as vying for an MCA position in his rural home, branding himself a Kenya’s knight in shining armor.

His choice of words proved how he is confident of triumph to the top coveted political seat in 2022.

Kibwana claimed that he is the best candidate and who will change the conventional politics in Kenya, linking this to the various capacities of leadership he has served and the honours he has received nationally and internationally.

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He has served as a leader in University, Member of Parliament, Minister for both lands and Defence, he also served as an Assistant Minister and former advisor to president Mwai Kibaki. He claims to have also served as the president of the United Nations Organization under environment and climate change.

For this, Governor Kibwana says that he is well equipped for a new political system in Kenya swearing not to ever forego his dreams for another candidate even if it means good for him. Kibwana says this will amount to dessertation and betrayal.He says it is good to include all the people and make them work for the dream, and with that, they will run with it.

He also opened up on what he wants for a running mate.For a perfect running mate according to him, the person should have the spirit of volunteerism, hardwork, integrity, passion energy and funds.He also expects an honest leader.

In his government, Governor Kibwana says that focus will not be on the deputy president alone, his government will constitute a representation of every community and sector in senior levels.Declaring his worth, Kibwana stated that he owns property with his spouse and they will allow professionals to subject them to a lifestyle audit.

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Governor Kivutha Kibwana also stated that various presidential candidates have been failing because voters have not been feeling that they are included, for him, he will include voters all across the nation.

The Makueni County boss revealed that his role model is the retired president Mwai Kibaki.He likes his style of leadership stating that Mwai Kibaki allowed those under him to work and required them to deliver besides creating an environment that allows businesses to boom.

In his manifesto, Governor Kibwana said that he will need gender equality, a human rights-centred state, support for the constitution and the rule of law, zero corruption, servant leadership among others.

When asked if he consulted either his political party leader or any other person like DP Ruto, Mutua, Mudavadi, Raila Odinga or Alfred Mutua; Governor Kibwana laments that the same people are his competitors and he can’t go to that extent.

Felix Yahil
Felix Chepkwony is a media enthusiast and a human rights defender. He is currently studying at Laikipia University and a chairperson of the Human Rights Club.

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