Three Aurora police officers fired for taking selfie photos next McClain memorial.

Three Aurora, Colorado police officers were fired on Friday 3 July for taking part in what reports termed as disrespectful selfie photo session near memorial site for Elijah McClain.

According to reports, Elijah died after being in police chokehold.

The three officers who involved in the photos were spotted smiling as one of them was in a mock chokehold.

The Interim Chief Vennesa Wilson of the Aurora police department identified the three as; Erica Marero, Kyle Dittrich and Jason Rosenblatt.

Mrs. Venessa terminated their contract while the fourth officer who never appeared in the photo designed on June 30, 2020 prior to pre- disciplinary hearing.

We’re ashamed, we’re sickened and we’re angered, I am disgusted to my core.” Chief Wilson said.

One of the photos shows Jones in the centre of two officers, using a mock chocked on Dittrich, with Marrero to his right.

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According to Vennessa, the photos were taken in October 20, outside of the location where there was a memorial set up for Elijah.

The Aurora police Association ciritized the the chief for firing Rosenblatt who according to them did not directly participated in the incident adding that the officers were denied fair hearings.

All of these steps ordered by the Interim chief Wilson were vialations of officers due process rights. They posted in their official Facebook Page. By her actions taking interim chief officer has demonstrated that he is unfit for the position she is currently holding.

Of service confronted the 23 year old McClain on August 24th on a report of a suspicious wearing a ski mask.
He was put in a chokehold by the officers before going into cardiac arrest and later died in an hospital on August 27.

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Elijah McClain Memorial located on the streets of Aurora outside Denver// PHOTO COURTESY

On Friday 3rd July, demonstrations took to the streets of Aurora, outside Denver, where McClain’s mother was expected to deliver speech.

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