Why Women Should be Allowed to Breastfeed in Public Without Criticism

Nipples don’t kill. They nourish and yet women are afraid to show them, and when they do so, they face backclash.

Women should breastfeed in public if the need arises. Saying we will allow mothers to only feed their innocent and helpless infants (who doesn’t care if they are in public or with their mother’s) alone is just ridiculous.

I don’t have a problem with breasts, they are beautiful, and breastfeeding is not a crime, shameful or unnatural. Ask a baby if they have a problem with being latched onto a mom’s breast, and they will definitely tell you they “don’t care!”

It is absurd to relate breastfeeding in public with obscenity. As a matter of fact, we are consuming a lot of obsene content in our media industry and social media. We have magazines and TV shows, that are filled with half naked ladies and gentlemen.

Surprisingly, that is totally okay and considered normal. It is okay to cuddle in public, hold hands, spank each other and kiss. It is okay to walk with half- naked clothes. All of this is acceptable behaviour before the eyes of the public prejudices.

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However, when a woman put’s her baby to her breast and covers up with a blanket, people flip out. I assume you know how some infants can be. (Of course they will be kicking furiously in manner to ask, “Why is there a BLANKET on me”).

People literally will go crazy and start yapping about how it’s wrong and behave as if breastfeeding is suddenly ponographic. Have we become so sacrilegious that we can’t admire and respect a mother’s nipple while she feeds her child?

What is happening to us?

It isn’t logical to ask a mother to go to a bathroom for minutes it takes to feed a baby. Bathrooms are gross for heaven sake and would be incredibly uncomfortable .

That is why women settles with feeding their babies where they are, when babies are hungry and cover up so that you don’t actually see anything at all.

Believe me, you won’t notice unless you’re eagerly waiting for a mom to start feeding. After all we’ve never heard that someone died due to seeing an exposed breast!

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I don’t understand why morality issues comes with women breastfeeding their infants. I presume, if you can kiss in public, a child can as well feed in public too, peacefully.

And if you can stand seeing boobs flying in clotheless movies, you can also as well applaud a baby feeding with just one boob out.

Moroever, if you can’t stay hungry and branch to the nearest restaurant when your stomach rumbles, I wonder why a hungry and helpless child should wait till the mum finds a private place to eat.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Live and Let’s live!

Brenda Holo
Brenda Holo
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15 Replies to “Why Women Should be Allowed to Breastfeed in Public Without Criticism

      1. A very good piece in deed… the main source of this thing is western civilization Making people to despise breast feeding in public as “ushamba”

  1. People should however, understand that there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public even in a matatu,
    A nice piece gal, keep it up

  2. A change of mindset is all that’s needed…
    This was never the case in the past generations
    Good work Holo😊

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