Police Brutality! Latest Victims narrate their Encounter with the Men in Uniform

Police brutality has lately been on the rise with many ordinary citizens suffering in the hands of the law enforcers whether they have committed a crime or not.

The Independent Oversight Policing Authority (IPOA) which was established in 2011 to provide the civilians an oversight duty over the work of the police in Kenya, also investigating misconduct of the police officers among other functions.

This has however not reduced any form of mistreatment meted on Kenyans.

The police seem unperturbed and can do anything to any unlucky Kenyan that comes face to face with the wrath of the lately turned merciless beings.

One man from Chuka is a recent victim of the police brutality.

He reached out to the famous human rights activist Boniface Mwangi on how he encountered the unfortunate experience.

In the message that he sent to Boniface Mwangi, the man identified as Ken Gitonga from Chuka was on a motorbike on his way home at around 7:05 pm.

The police decided to chase him and they put a stick in the wheels of his motorbike that was on motion prompting serious injuries after he fell from the moving bike.

The officers then took him to Chuka level 5 hospital and left him there.

Ken Gitonga at Level 5 Hospital

According to the information he shared with Mr. Boniface Mwangi, Mr. Gitonga claimed that he contacted IPOA after the incident but his efforts were futile.

He also expressed his fears claiming that the police kept calling him asking his whereabouts.

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The man reached out to Boniface Mwangi who has been in the forefront in addressing the infringement of rights of the people in Kenya.

Another person who also reached out to the human rights activist is a family that allegedly reported the police brutality on them. In their message, the wife of the victim stated, “We live in Jamhuri Estate. Last night my husband Kelvin Njiri was arrested while sitting in his car inside the estate. @NPSOfficial_KE beat him up, when l went to his rescue the cops pointed a gun at me. He is being held at Jamhuri Showground Police Station on fake charges”-Sarah.

The message was attached with a video allegedly recorded by the victim, Mr. Kelvin Njiri.

In the video, an unidentified man approaches the victim and commands him to call the police land cruiser.

The other person who is believed to be one of the officers continues to tell the other to call the police land cruiser, which is a common car police officers use in patrols.

Kelvin Njiri’s wife also intervenes by asking what her husband has done.

The other person adamantly tells his company to call for a land cruiser. He is also heard telling the officers that the premise is a private property and they shouldn’t come in to arrest him, that they should arrest people outside the gate.

One of the officers is also heard telling Mr. Njiri to stop recording him before a commotion ensued, Mr. Njiru is heard screaming which is believed to have been a result of being hit by one of the officers.

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His wife screaming amidst the commotion between Njiru and the officers.

Information shared on Boniface Mwangi’s twitter account revealed that Mr. Kelvin Njiri was later released.

These latest two cases are just but a few evidences among many of police brutality.

Many Kenyans have cried foul of the police calling upon the authorities to help them in curbing such mistreatment which is against human rights.

Boniface Mwangi has been receiving many complains from Kenyans who are crying of various cases of mistreatment and other predicaments.

The activist has been sharing some of the complains on his official twitter account addressing IPOA and other relevant authorities demanding redress and change.

Felix Yahil
Felix Chepkwony is a media enthusiast and a human rights defender. He is currently studying at Laikipia University and a chairperson of the Human Rights Club.

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