Relentless netizeins now calls on Coca-Cola to sponsor the Baringo girl.

Neitizens have taken their crusade a notch higher calling on Africa’s top beverage company Coca – cola to sponsor the four year – old Baringo girl.

A photo of the four – year old girl wearing a traditional ragalia while enjoying 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola soda went viral on social media with majority of neitizens calling on Coca-Cola to consider having the young girl as their brand ambassador.

But even after it had come clear that it was impossible for the company to use the little girl as brand ambassador, Neitizens are seemingly not settled this time calling on Coca- cola to sponsor the Baringo girl as a way of appreciating the creativity.

“Having recognized that sugar – sweetened drinks contribute to health problems, Coca – cola has never advertised on children’s television and has pledged not to market those drinks to children 12 years old and under.” Read the report.

The reaction comes after a hot debate sparked on social media about the company’s possibility of having the photos for advertisement.

Renowned blogger Robert Alai challenged those who were busy calling on Coca – cola to consider running advitersment with the photos saying that it would be a breach of law and that the company cannot let it happen.

Alai’s sentiment was backed up by a number of neitizens.

With some designing coca – cola adverts with the pictures, the issue sparking hot debate on in social media.

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One of the adverts designed by Neitizens.|PHOTO COURTESY|

A good number of neitizens are calling on the company to consider sponsoring the young girl with others calling on Coca-Cola to help the photographer who was behind the amazing work.

We have not yet established whether or not the company is in talks with the photographer though rumours has it that the middle – aged man may land a lucrative job in Coca-Cola company.

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Peter Aowa
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