Five most powerful commitments rich people heed to that poor people don’t know.

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To be successful, you have to be extremely instrumental to the course. Sometimes taking on the worst decisions ever imagined but with determination of making progress at the end.

Here are the six commitments that rich people heed to that poor people don’t know.

(1) Rich people set their daily goals.

Goal setting dates back in the 1937 when American writer Napoleon Hill published his book Think and Grow Rich, a book which according to Forbes magazine has sold more than 60 milion copies around the world.

The epitome of self – help warm creation literature was authored after Hill interviewed over 500 most influential people in the United States.

Napoleon central hypothesis was that when an individual begin to think and grow rich, they will observe that riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose and little or no work.

Napoleon says that only individuals driven by an unquenchable desire for wealth will become rich.

Wealth thefore can only be achieved by making a commitment in writing, to achieving a specifically defined period of time.

The 24 hours in a day defrentiates the poor and the rich. It’s how they spend these hours.

Rich people wake up and the first taks they undertake is planning for the day by setting their daily goals.

This is a very fundamental habit in successful life for a number of reasons.

  • It brings a level of control and prioritization to your day.
  • Gives a concerete steps for what needs to be done.
  • Shows your daily progress

Daily goal setting should works as a roadmap for an individual.

(2) Rich people gets daily motivation.

Inorder to succeed on a daily basis, it’s needful to acquaint yourself with the necessary energy for the day. You need the hour of power.

Unlike poor people who wake up to radios, TVs and social medias, rich people wake up and the first thing they do is to read motivational books and listening to motivational audio books.

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They read motivational books and listen to motivational audio books within 10 – 25 minutes every morning.

An individual motivated in the morning is determined to succeed in the rest of the day even at the extreme challenges owing to the successful meditation of hour of power.

(3) Rich people focus on few things.

According to a recent study, at least 80% of the rich are focused on accomplishing a single goal.

Steve Job in his book Focus and simplicity unearths multitasking narrative.

He says that multitasking is not a strength but rather a weakness.

To succeed, you need to focus all your resources; time and life in only few things that are most important in your life and trash any other thing.

Though multitasking to many is what most employers will prefer especially in the sub Saharan, it’s not until an individual develops the mindset of a boss that they will understand how least effective multitasking is.

First thing that must standout if you truly want to succeed is your health and which is to large extent negatively affected by multitasking.

Here are just but a few disadvantages

  • Poor cognitive performance, a recent study by Zheng Wang, a professor at Ohio State University shows that multitasking made students feel productive, while actually reducing their ability to perform well in cognitive tasks such as studying.
  • Lost productivity, switching to most activities makes you less productive. All attention is lost the minute you let time to manage you and finally,
  • Attention and memory loss.

(4) Rich people learn everyday.

Curiosity leads to discovery and this is undebatable.

Unless you develop an INQUISITIVE mind. How did it start? Why are they successful? What else can I do to make it much greater? The how mind will lead you to more discoveries every other day.

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Trump once disclosed that he woke up at 3 AM to read.

Life is complex and the only reason you go to school is to learn how to be a slave.

You therefore have to be curious and learn everyday of your life.

Your degrees and certificates is not education, they are papers. To be educated, you need to learn new things everyday.

In order to get real education which will let you be successful, read good and informative books, listen to audio books.

(5) Rich people do not confine with luxity.

To be rich, you have to cut off from luxurious life, too much time to watch less productive movies, spending your cash without proper plans and buying time as though it was meant for you and not the billions of people under the sun.

Rich people fight against procastination of time every other day.

Morning being the most productive in ones life, the rich are careful in ensuring that it is effectively used especially on the most important things.

They have no time for social media and the reality shows. They wake up to difficult tasks.

The most powerful word in English and which people hate is the NO word

This word is probably the most hated. Nobody wants to hear it.

Like I said before, unless you be unique by taking on strong decisions, you’ll fall in the trap; poverty.

I think the first class these rich people attended was how and when and probably why to use the word NO.

Be ready to say NO to most interesting things in life.

Success is a long journey that calls for resilience and sucrifice.

Sitting down to gossip about others, spending money hunging out partying are some of the things you need to say NO to.

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Peter Aowa

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